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Paramedics called to Chyna's Home

Happy Birthday, you’re in the hospital!  Chyna Doll was taken away to the hospital this morning around 5am after her friends found her passed out with cuts on her arms. Her friends were worried so they called 911.

According to TMZ she had a few too many drinky-poos, and they don’t mix well with the medication she’s on.  The hospital was hoping to interview her for a psych evaluation (from the cuts on her arms I’m assuming), but she was too drunk.  That’s the way to do it!

The lovely people at TMZ were somehow able to call Chyna in the hospital (WTF??) and the only thing she had to say was “All I really want right now is a hamburger.” Nice job guys.

I may sound like a grade A hypocrite, but I think that HIPPA laws should be observed even if you are a celebrity.  It’s called medical privacy!   It just sucks that some doctor or nurse or intern, or WHOEVER thought it’d be OK to let TMZ know what room she was in, OR that the front desk would let just whoever call her!

Dear Chyna, I saw you on celebrity rehab.  I think you need to go back.  Oh! And happy birthday