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Padma really likes her burgers

It’s time for more food porn from Hardee’s/Carls Junior. The same people that brought you Paris Hilton’s car wash burger eating spot, now bring you “Top Chef” hottie, Padma Lakshmi suggestively eating their Western Cheeseburger in a lowcut dress. Alrighty. says it best

It certainly doesn’t skimp on the sexual imagery, as the Top Chef beauty opens wide (really wide) to take her first bite of the Western-bacon monstrosity. Plopped down on an apartment building’s front steps, she hikes up her skimpy dress and licks the burger all over until, in the heat of the moment, it promptly drips its sauce on her lower leg.

So there you have it. They forgot to mention the convenient cleavage shots to go along with the big bites of the former vegetarian.

She must really like her burgers.