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Lindsay Lohan Flynet

Entertainment weekly asked a few film execs about Lindsay Lohan, and what they had to say was… well, very honest. It seems that many of the Hollywood execs disagree with the idea that LL is a star right now. (We have to say we agree). That she is more notorious for her off the set antics than her box office draws.

Some of the highlights:

”She had the world at her feet,” says the head of a major studio. ”And right now, she’d have to pay a studio to get herself into a movie.”

“The rate at which she has fallen, and gotten back up, and fallen again, does not inspire confidence,” says one producer. ”It’s always challenging for a young actor to mature into an adult star. It takes great planning, sophistication, and judgment. She hasn’t shown any of those things.”

OUCH!!! Her box office pulls have been steadily falling, and she IS more famous for simply being famous than for any of her acting roles.

What about the gossip blogs that LL is always in? And her love/love relationship with them and the attention they bring?

Without all the tabloid covers and red carpets and cell-phone photos and mug shots, Lohan would not be a household name; she would simply be a talented ingenue with a substance-abuse problem, a messed-up family, and a mediocre box office record.

”Her troubles are what made her famous,” says one studio exec. ”Her films don’t open. She’s a pain to work with. I think she’s done.

Wow, when a producer says that about an actor, I’d have to say that’s a nail in the career coffin!

Maybe she’ll read this article and take it to heart. Or maybe she’ll continue pointing the finger everywhere else.