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Orlando and Jessica NOT a Couple


After reports that Orlando Bloom and Jessica Simpson were seen leaving a concert together to go play kissy face, Life and Style magazine is putting the rumor to rest. Which surprises me, since it might sell magazines.

Contrary to reports that the two showed up together to a Hennessy event on Wednesday at LA’s Paramount Studios, an event organizer confirms to Life & Style, “Jessica Simpson and Orlando Bloom were not in attendance at the Hennessy Artistry Concert Finale.”

A report claims that they secretly slipped in together after 8 p.m. and were backstage 20 minutes before leaving together.

Does this really surprise anyone that these two aren’t getting it on? I mean, Orlando is fighting his rumored hotness (i just don’t see it), and Jessica well, she’s Jessica, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be against dating out of her league, but he seems to be able to hold a conversation.

I’m just saying.

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