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Oprah goes to Africa


Oprah Winfrey made a trip to her South African girl’s school to meet with a pupil who had raised concerns of misconduct.

“The meeting went well. It took about two hours, and I appreciate that Oprah took time to listen,” the girl’s father told PEOPLE exclusively. The session with Winfrey included him, his wife and their daughter. “Oprah looked beautiful and was so easy to talk to. It went very smoothly.”

“I am very happy and pleased that Oprah heard our side of the story,” added the father, whose name is not being revealed. “We have closure.”

The young lady and her family were also invited to attend the school’s Christmas party later this year.

I don’t know how Oprah is dealing with all of this. But I’m sure a few heads will role when all is said and done. Don’t mess with a woman who has that much power, and her own show!