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Operation 'save my career'

jessica simpson operation myspace with soldiers

Here she is, Jessica Simpson getting friendly with the troops in Kuwait for “Operation Myspace“. If she really wanted to make these guys happy she would have reenacted her car wash scene for her Dukes of Hazard video. Gawd knows, they don’t want to sit and chat with her. I love the pic of her signing the photo and none of the men are really looking at her.

At least they have something to tell their friends about back home.

OH! After reports came out that she had an entourage including her hairstylist, and refused to sleep in the barracks her publicist shot back with a denial.

“She flew commercially, she is staying in the barracks,” Berger tells PEOPLE. “She’s been with the troops all day. She’s had her meals with them.”

Paves is not with Simpson either, Berger says, adding that a hair stylist and make-up artist are with Simpson, but no assistant. “She’s not with Ken Paves. She has significantly scaled back her entourage.”

I noticed she said nothing about the alledged $150,000 bill and who was paying it.

Jessica Simpson Operation myspace with troops outside Jessica Simpson Operation myspace Jessica Simpson Operation myspace  2 jessica simpson signing a pic for soldiers dont look at her