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Onkyo Trainer (ES-BT1) Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Product Review

Onkyo Bluetooth Headphones

The Onkyo Bluetooth Headphones – review

I had the opportunity to test out these slick new wireless bluetooth headphones from Onkyo. The headphones came in a very slick looking box and are simple but still attractive looking. These are a lightweight on ear design so they keep your ears cool and sweat free during long listening periods or when exercising.

The sound quality on the Onkyo Trainer is good, and by good I don’t just mean Bluetooth headset good. I actually mean the sound quality is quite comparable to a decent wired headphone.
The Bluetooth range on the Onkyo Trainer is about 35 feet, which is average for Bluetooth headphones and retains the sound quality even at extended distances. Like all Bluetooth devices walls and other objects will severely reduce range.

Battery life for me lasted quite longer then the stated 8 hours of playback. I actually was able to get through close to 2 full 8-hour straight days at work with the headphones blasting my favorite DJ mixes.

The setup is very simple and also pairs to your Bluetooth enabled phone so you can take and control calls while on the go. Great feature if you are running around the house or office and your phone rings in the next room. Just answer the call with the touch of a button and keep on working.

Doesn’t come with a charging cable. Yes it comes with the micro USB to USB adapter we have all become so familiar with. This adapter can be plugged into your USB port on your computer or your own USB to AC charger. While most of us have 2-3 USB to AC chargers laying around the house from other devices, I feel that if you are going to require me to plug the device in you should give me a charger not just a cable.

The one downfall I see with the Onkyo Trainer headphones are the fit. I wear glasses when working on the computer and the tight fit of the headphones combined with the glasses caused a little bit of discomfort.
Onkyo blootooth wireless headphones headband
The Onkyo trainer is also positioned as a headphone designed to use during your workout. I found they performed quite well with average moving around and while doing light exercise. I tested them out while hitting golf balls at the driving range and they stayed on my head even with the jostling around of my inconsistent swing. However, I found that they did not perform well while on a run or even a light jog. I would not recommend them for strenuous exercise since the constant adjustments I had to make were very distracting and I found myself fiddling with them instead of exercising.

If you are a true audiophile you will not be completely satisfied with most wireless headphones on the market, I have not found one yet that can replace that studio quality sound you get from the high end headphones. But heck most of us are streaming music nowadays anyways and the quality you get from that is subpar to begin with.

Overall for a great handsfree experience with decent quality sound I think these Onkyo Trainers are a great buy. Current list price is only $99 and for that price you won’t be disappointed with them.

Joe Likey is a contributing author to BusyBeeBlogger and also runs his own site, JoeLikey, for all things tech, golf, and spirits.


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