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One coffee hold the pants

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Things must be different in Florida. First off, there are drive through Dunkin Donuts. How cool is that!!!! Second, they don’t wear pants in their cars getting the donuts and coffee.

Now I have this friend, Kevin Freedom, just go with it, who’s claim to fame is not wearing pants. Anywhere. He wears boxers, sometimes… but he’s always sending messages about him not wearing pants, I get txt messages “I’m not wearing pants” and pics with no pants. Nothing like being at a VERY conservative church wedding, and getting a naked pic of your friend “I’M NOT WEARING PANTS”. I don’t know about you, but being known as the girl who laughed at the couple during the wedding is not my goal. I’d rather be known as the girl who hit on the best friend of the groom and drank from the flask in his suit jacket. But that’s just me

But back to the story….

Some exhibitionist took his car through the Dunkin Donuts with no pants. “The female clerk gave the man his coffee, but when she looked down, she was surprised to see the man was naked from the waist down.”

He got away, but the police are looking for a “suspect who is bald, has no pants, and apparently likes coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.”

Hey Kevin… how’s Florida?