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Olympic Update: Music Music Music

From contributor Jon

Hey all! You may have wondered where the updates have been, well I was sick yesterday and laid up on the couch, however that did mean I was able to watch the mens downhill skiing, snowboarder cross and some speed skating. It beats watch Tyra, Ellen and whatever else is usually on when I’m at work.

My horrid cold may have come on due to standing in the rain and watching some of the great bands that are in town and free to see. Saturday night it was Wilco at LiveCity in Yaletown and they played for a full hour and half to the drenched crowd who were loving every minute of it. Here are some dripping wet photo’s….

More after the jump!

Other than that I have been out to a couple of parties. The city is just buzzing with people and the line ups for the pavillions and sites with free music can be quite long. I’m not complaining though.. I’ve never seen Vancouver so alive and it’s a lot of fun. There’s a lot more to come too! Hopefully I can shake this cold and get off the couch to enjoy it! (Oh and watch out, the first hockey game for Team Canada is this afternoon, now the insanity will really begin!)

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