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Olivia De Berardinis New “Poofie Pinup Dolls”

It’s not that you don’t know who Olivia de Berardinis is. It’s that you don’t realize you know who she is. Olivia has been doing pinup style art for years (since I was in high school at least). I originally heard of her from her tattoo art. It was beautiful girls covered in tattoos, like Bettie Page with a giant cheetah running down her back, and another rocker chick style pinup tattooed like a tiger.

She is most well known for her Bettie Page style work. And she’s been doing art for Playboy for a few years as well. Gorgeous Vargas style pinup girls. Naughty with a wink. (oh, and I post her stuff all the time. Check it out!)

Anyway, Olivia has a few new pin ups for sale just in time for Valentine’s Day. :-D

“These Poofie Pinup Dolls started as watercolor gifts for my friends.
They enjoyed them so much we decided to make them available as art prints for you or your valentine.”


I absolutely love these. They’re a fun twist on her usual fare. And they come TOGETHER! For only $50!

You can get yours, at

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