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Officially On DVD

blonde ambition dvd jessica simpson public affair promotional pics

As we reported BACK IN AUGUST the new “movie” by Jessica Simpson, Blonde Ambition, will not be shown in theatres. Nope! It’s going straight to DVD, officially.

Jessica Simpson’s acting days look numbered with her latest movie set to go straight to DVD. Simpson’s ‘Blonde Ambition,’ a remake of 1980’s hit Working Girl, is reportedly so bad that producers decided to pull the plug on a theatrical release. “The movie is absolutely horrible,” said a source. “It’s just a bomb, mainly because of Jessica’s acting.” The romantic comedy, which co-stars Luke Wilson, will be released on DVD January 22.

Not only that, but it seems that they couldn’t even take some NEW PHOTOS of Jessica. They recycled pics from her last (bomb) CD, Public Affair. I guess when you’re not making any money you have to cut corners where you can.

Didn’t they also do that with the mock ups for Major Movie Star???

There was also a rumor that it was going to be sold on QVC, but there’s yet to be a confirmation on that one.

blonde.jpg simp.jpg

Thank you IDLYITW pics