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Octomom brought her batch of crazy to Dr. Drew [Video]

Last night Dr. Drew sat down for a one-on-one prime time interview with ‘Octomom,’ Nadya Suleman, who gained notoriety in 2009 for giving birth to octuplets while she was already a single mother of six other children. After staying out of the spotlight for some time, Suleman talks to Dr. Drew about her troubled past, difficult childhood and her “own insulated world” as possible reasons for having so many children.

She also talks about her ambition and accomplishments, saying,

“Can I brag for a little bit? I was Valedictorian of my Psychiatric Technician program, it was 18 months. I got an award for perfect attendance. If I was, I never was like one minute late…for me I thrive off of my self-discipline and self-control.”

Really? Really Dr. Drew? I know you have hours to fill now, and aren’t just doing specials once a year on crazy celebrities, but a full hour to Octomom? REALLY??? She’s bat$#!t crazy!

I really hope he pressed her about the OBVIOUS plastic surgery. And I don’t just mean her face. She claimed after a bikini shoot that she didn’t have a tummy tuck. BALONEY! You can’t have a litter of puppies and not need a tuck unless you’re a golden retriever. Got it hon?

Oh and as for you “self control”? Do ya no see how many babies ya got? I mean, really? Most people can handle just one or two, it’s not like potato chips.

Did you watch this mess?  What did you think?

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