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Number 1 at the Box office and and Sequel?

sex and the city set kim cattrall, sarah jessica parker, michael patrick king, kristin davis, cynthia nixon

File this under “WELL DUH!” Sex and the City: The Movie was #1 at the box office this weekend, with 85% of those seeing the movie being women. How much did it make? $55,700,00!!! It was the biggest opening weekend for a “Female centric” R Rated movie EVER!!!!!!!!! The biggest R RATED opening since American Pie!

And, no surprise, especially how open they left the ending, there’s reportedly a sequel in the works!!! That’s also a “WELL DUH!” Honestly, they should just bring back the series. I’d be glued to the TV on Sunday nights all over again. It was so nice to have these people back…

And if you ask me, Kristin Davis STOLE the whole show. She was phenomenal! I’ll never think of Poughkeepsie, NY the same way again. ;-)

The #2 Movie was “Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull”. Sorry boys… heehee

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