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Now to what's important: What Lindsay Lohan wore to court

This is my runway bishes -BusyBeeBlogger

Now that I have vented, and slept on the whole getting out of jail baloney, let’s talk about what is really important in this Lindsay Lohan case, shall we?

It’s all about the outfit.  That’s right, when it all comes down to the wire,<sarcasm> it’s all about her clothes.  </sarcasm>

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Believe it or not, the outfit that LL wore to court was from from Lindsay’s own clothing line, 6126.  You know, the one with all the leggings. US Weekly brought us all the important details…

The polished-looking actress, 24, wore a black 6126 blazer, which she paired with a delicate white skirt and black lacy top.

Ok, now that we know where the clothes are from, Can I talk about the TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR shoes?  PLEASE!?!?

To read more please click

Christian LouboutinMadame Butterfly Bootie $1,195.00

On her way into court yesterday, Ms. Lohan knew the world would be focused on what she would be wearing.  And, I have to admit, her clothes were very TASTEFUL for a change, and I would even wear this!  Well, something likes this, as I don’t have $1,195for  Christian Louboutin booties!!  That’s right, y’all.  Those FM heels are 2k!!!

Can you imagine wearing a mortgage payment on your feet!!!! (oh, and in case you were wondering, mommy dearest Dina made sure those suckers were in her possession after Lindsay was hauled away.  You would have found them on craigslist but LL got out too soon.)

Images via Fame

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  1. grrr no idea. Um, mine, she borrowed mine ;-)

    My photo agency said that they were RAY BAN sunglasses. She wore DIOR last night to court