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Nothing Beats An Astronaut, On The Red Carpet #InSpace

AXE Astronaut And Candice Swanepoel At Super Bowl

The “Big Game” may have been a pretty big bust, but that doesn’t mean that the parties weren’t in full force! One of the stars of the week, was the AXE astronaut. He even had the lovely supermodel Candice Swanepoel on his arm the entire time. You might have seen them on the red carpets of the Maxim, ESPN, Rolling Stone and One Oak parties.

*During the third quarter of the Super Bowl, Axe premiered a commercial titled “Lifeguard,” which directed viewers to a contest to win a trip to space (in total AXE will be sending 22 guys to space) on a flight with international space agency Space Expedition Corporation (SXC).*

So that’s what it takes to get a supermodel, you have to be an astronaut. If it came between an astronaut and a rock star, I’d pick the astronaut, too.

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