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No Diets for Catherine Zeta Jones


I don’t know if I ever believe most anything any famous person says… ever. But there’s something about the little ‘extra’ that Catherine Zeta Jones Douglas carries around the middle that almost makes me consider that she might be telling the truth…. maybe.

She was interviewed by Women’s Diet & Fitness Magazine for her role in “No Reservations” and said that she DETESTS diets. Maybe that was just a way to push the movie about a chef. But then I’m a cynic….

She claims to detest dieting, and simply eats when she is hungry – three meals a day. She eats foods like salads, fish and chicken, and occasionally has a glass of white wine. But wait – she isn’t low carb like many other celebrities are. She also claims to love carb foods like pasta and prawns.

As for exercise, Catherine says she keeps in shape by golfing, dancing, doing advanced aerobatics and weight-training. She spends part of her time on machines and the rest of the time using dumbbells and barbells.

Fascinating….Almost as interesting as when she tells us how old she is… ;-)

I DO think she looks FANTASTIC in that pencil skirt… she looks like a real woman… with style that is.

From TSW!!!