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Nicole Kidman in Vogue

vogue nicole kidman

OMG, there must not be another photographer in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! I love Annie Leibovitz as a photographer, but she is soooooooo overplayed now. OVER HER!!!!!

Anyways, what was I saying? oh Yeah. So Nicole Kidman is on the cover of Vogue with Hugh Jackman on the inside promoting their new film “Australia”.

But because she’s pregnant (with hubby Keith Urban‘s baby) of course the conversation turns to that.

“When I first saw the baby on the ultrasound, I started crying. I didn’t think I’d get to experience that in my lifetime. The whole experience is so primal.”

Primal? alrighty… I guess she can feel like she just crawled out of the cave if she wants to. :-)

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