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Nick Lachey returns to Realty TV

I thought he had sworn off the whole Realty TV thing. Maybe just the ones that follow you all day long.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the former 98 Degrees singer is set to star in the upcoming series, Clash Of The Choirs, alongside music veterans Patti LaBelle, Michael Bolton and Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child.

On the show, famous entertainers start by heading back to their hometowns to assemble and work with a choir of 20-amateur singers. From there the groups will fly to New York where they’ll take part in a four-day competition that viewers at home get to vote on.

The winner of the sing-off gets to help beautify their local community by either rebuilding a new gym or constructing a new park.

Well at least it’s for something good. This thing has WE or Lifetime written all over it though. I like Nick Lachey enough though that I even sat through that last show he was one, you know what show, I don’t have to tell you. Hopefully this time his co-stars won’t be gagging on everything they eat, or whining that they’re bored… I mean…

I’m just sayin’