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Nick Lachey and Mario Lopez Take Sides On The Election

It is election season, and it seem that everyone is choosing they favorite candidates. Celebrities especially like to back their favorites and tell everyone about it. Nick Lachey and Mario Lopez are no different, each taking their candidate to their fans, and encouraging them to vote.

Thank goodness this has NOTHING to do with politics ;-)

Nick and Mario are campaigning for their favorite Bailey’s Coffee Creamers, as well as their favorite charities.

Nick Lachey For Bailey’s Coffee Creamer

Mario Lopez for Bailey’s Creamer

You can go to Bailey’s Coffee Creamer’s Facebook page to vote for either Nick, Mario, or even Bill and Giuliana Ranci! Voting ends October 12th, what’s YOUR favorite flavor?

Honestly, Nick Lachey could tell me to vote for whoever and I would probably entertain the idea. mmmhmmm.

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