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New Obsession, Salt Optics

Let’s start this off right. This is not an ad. I am not being paid to talk about Salt Optics. There, got that out of the way.

Ok, back to the good part.

My best guy friend and I spend our mornings MSN chatting while he gets situated at work. I sit on the couch drinking coffee, he saves the world or something like that. But what seems to be his favorite thing to do is send me fashion. Shoes. Dresses. Whatever. This morning he was telling me about a new eyeglass company, SALT. Now, I have a slight obsession with reading glasses. I am always on the prowl for a good looking pair, that I can wear forever. *because I’m uber cheap and I rarely get new ones*

I LOVE this company’s style. It looks classic but modern at the same time.

I just wish he would have looked at the PRICE TAG before getting me hooked on this new line. $400 for a pair of sunglasses? Really? Ug. I guess I have go out and find that pot of gold, or buy that lottery ticket. Good grief!

Let me know if you find a company that does similar work, because this pinup needs new specs. ;-)


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