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New Mad Men Tonight Season 5 Episode 4 “Mystery Date” Sneak Peek! [Video & Pics]

Are things not well in the newest Draper household? Can Megan hold up under all of the women that just seem to FLOP themselves down in front of Don? Or is there more to the title than just the Drapers? What about Joan and her husband who should be returning home soon. And Roger with his bride Jane? Maybe Henry Francis is still upset at Betty for contacting Don about her cancer?

Or maybe someone is going to jump ship from Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Pryce?

And of course we see the return of spoiled bratty entitled Sally Draper. Someone get me a switch!

Don’t forget BusyBeeBlogger’s live chat tonight for Mad Men.

See you tonight Boobees. xoxo

All Images via Michael Yarish/AMC

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