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New Easter Treats To Enjoy Together


Healthy and fun Easter treats

Easter is the unofficial start of Spring, with all of the Easter dinner and sweet treats being prepared and eaten this weekend, it’s no doubt that it can be something to look forward to!

East Basket Ideas

When I was a little bee growing up in Southern California my Dad Bee always made a point to add some delicious alternatives to candy in my basket.  I did usually have jelly beans, and marshmallow Peeps, but what I remember are not these candies, but the fresh fruit and vegetables that he, I mean the Easter Bunny, would leave for me to enjoy in the morning.

Healthy-Easter-Treats -busy-bee-blooger

Alternative Easter Basket Treats

This is also a good chance to present healthier alternatives in addition to the traditional candies, marshmallows, and chocolates. I did not know this when I was a kid, but this was a great way to teach moderation and how to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in a fun way. While the Nutiva O’coconut snacks may not be low in calories, they are organic, come in single serving sizes and if you choose they include hemp and chia seeds for your little bunnies to enjoy.

Also you can choose to add treats that are not edible.  I absolutely love these tiny grow your own plants.  I found mine during a Target run in the dollar sale section.  I always stop there when looking for party favors or filler goodies,  especially for kids’ gifts.

Now that I am older, and I am building baskets for the kids of friends, I find that these alternative Easter basket choices were also a good choice financially.  Candy and treats can get expensive, and since I am on a diet, I can eat some of the alternative Eater Treats and not all of the traditional jelly beans, Marshmallow Peeps and chocolate eggs. So I can eat any left treats that do not fit into the baskets!  Or in the case of the yogurt rainsins, they may not make it to the baskets at all. Sorry kids!

The Easter Table

Are you looking for new ways to host an Easter dinner?  Do not let the pressure from everyone else get to you.  It is a  Southern California tradition to not make things too serious.  It is much nicer to have friends coming to enjoy your company than it is to have others over because you think you have to have them there.  Who needs that?!

I keep a chache of empty clear glass bottles, votive candle holders and vases from flower bouquets on hand for any get together.  The nice thing about the clear vases and bottles is that they catch the light and are nice to look at even if they do not hold any flowers.  Add in candles and you have reflective surfaces for days!

Cheeky Tableware

If you need an excuse, this would be a great time to pull out your china. Even on a naked table, it is always fun to break (oops) out the nice dishes for family and friends.  But if you are more like us, having super cute plates and cups that you use once is perfectly acceptable.  Target has a new line of Springtime inspired Cheeky plates are just adorable and more importantly affordable for your party.  This Cheeky tableware line has such cute colors and designs that I would use these all season long, and well into Summer.  Keep these in your stash with the glass vases and you have a party in a box all season long!

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