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Nancy Grace Can Breathe. We can all relax now.

People Magazine is reporting that the loving caring wonderful CNN anchor Nancy Grace is alright now after having been admitted to the hospital earlier this week for complications following her delivery of her twins. She was said to have had blood clots in her lungs.

Grace, 48, is currently at her Atlanta home with husband David Linch. [not the director] The twins, John David and Lucy Elizabeth, remain under a doctor’s care. “‘Home’ is merely a word,” says Grace’s rep. “Nancy and David are spending all their time visiting the twins at the hospital.”

According to the rep, “Nancy hopes to bring the babies home for Thanksgiving. They have so much to be grateful for.”

I hope she doesn’t mean she hopes to be able to EAT those babies for Thanksgiving. I mean, there’s two of them. She can have one on Thanksgiving, and then fatten the other one for Christmas.

I’m so going to hell.