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Celebrity Catwalk (or My Night With Hugh Hefner)

hugh hefner sarah jean underwood celebrity catwalk

Last night, BusybeeBlogger, make another trip up to Hollywood for the Celebrity Catwalk fund raising event. Singer/Dancing with the stars cast member, Mya was honored for her work with animals. The fashion show was to raise money for various animal charities. See the Celebrity Catwalk page for all the details!

This event was, um, yeah. It was hosted by former Girl Next Door, Bridget Marquardt, who was escorted by her boyfriend and new roommate, Nick Carpenter. While waiting around for the show to start, I saw the Girls Next Door crew floating around, and realized E! really is continuing with Crystal and the Shannon twins. Hmmm.

Then, Bridget walks by with the cameras filming. Oh goodie. Busybee will be on the show in the background! I hope I looked ok.

Anyways. The highlight of the non-air conditioned night was seeing Hugh Hefner. I got within six feet but the camera crew, and his body guards wouldn’t let me get any closer. I would have LOVED to get his autograph, and a photo! 2007’s Playmate of the Year, Sara Jean Underwood also made an appearance.

I got a few good pics, but my favorite photo shows him sitting, looking as if he wishes he was at home, or anywhere but at the nightclub.

To see all the pics of Hef, the girls, and Bridget, see below! Sorry if they’re dark. :-)
OH! and I want to say thank you to the two young ladies from Fox Racing (one of the sponsors and clothing lines of the evening) who made the night worthwhile.  You two were great!  (@shopfoxracing on twitter)

All pics by BusyBee

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  1. Idk how I feel about GND continuing with the twins. They seem so boring. It’s just not the same without Holly, Kendra and Bridget.

    • I agree. They were on the cat walk, as well as Crystal, and it was all YAWN. The twins the the obligatory booty bounce, and everyone was just like “really? you really did that?”

  2. Wow! That looks like that was fun!