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My Dirty Tooly Secret….

I hate myself for watching this STUPID TV SHOW! It’s called, sigh, Tool Academy and it’s on VH1. And I am watching it.

What is Tool Academy? Think of every douche bag you have EVER dated, met, seen at the bar, cheated on your best friend, or may be even YOU, and you’ve got the cast of this train wreck of a show.

Basically, the girlfriends of these dumbasses set them up. And now in order to win some Moolah by the end of the show, they have to prove that they’re not really tools and can be in a relationship with their girlfriends. That is if their ladies will take them back.

In the first episode, most of the boys admitted to infidelity, on tape. ON FREAKING CAMERA! They talk sh!t about their girls, or just say they’re single.

I got SUCKED INTO THE TOOLNESS!!!! I love this show… and I hate myself for it.

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