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My baby, my Blake

What kind of hold does Blake have over Amy Winehouse? Though Sir Paul MCCartney showed and performed and received his own award at the Brit awards last night, it seems all anyone can talk about is Amy Winehouse. She wasn’t up for any awards as her album came out last year…

She performed Love is a Losing game above, and I can’t tell if she’s just rusty from being sober, not performing very much recently, or if she’s got the shakes. If you ask me, and it’s obvious you did, she’s just nervous. But the whole uncomfortable wiggle with the skirt grabbing was hard to watch.

I don’t need Winehouse bits in my minds eye.

She also performed with Mark Ronson along with Adele and Daniel Merriweather. I don’t know who this Mark Ronson guy is, but if that’s his music, I’m already hooked!!!