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“Mug Cakes” For When You Need Your Cake NOW! *Cook Book Review*

Mug Cakes 100 speedy microwave treats to satisfy your sweet tooth recipes cook book Leslie Bilderback

You ever have those days where you just wanted cake, and you wanted it now? But you didn’t want to have to make an ENTIRE CAKE just for one little craving? How about if you could have your cake, and in minutes not in an hour?

MUG CAKES: 100 Speedy Treats to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth by Leslie Bilderback is full of 100 recipes just for you my friend.

This book is full of recipes made to indulge your sweets craving, all in a nice mug of goodness. I’m not kidding. And they’re not all just versions of chocolate or yellow cake (although I am partial to nice yellow cake on my instant satisfacion days).

How’s this for craving indulgence?

Caramel-fleur de sel
Plum Sage
Fluffernutter (that’s peanut butter and marshmallows)

Don’t get to thinking that these two-serving recipes are just kids stuff. Oh no. There are also ADULT mug cakes like –

Orange-Grand Marnier
Pink Champagne
and Better-Than-Sex Mug Cake

Can you say girls night in with those? I mean really.

These are EASY to make, better than instant and take only about 2 minutes to make. Bing. Bang. Boom. Dessert in a snap. Or a snack. Or breakfast, I don’t judge you.

There are even recipes for cake lovers with special dietary needs, including gluten-free, sugar free, dairy free, and vegan. Additionally, there are recipes for puddings, pies, and cheesecakes.

Check out more on MUG CAKES: 100 Speedy Treats to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth by Leslie Bilderback at Amazon. It’s going for under $16 and you can also download it to Kindle. Get it on download and you can make one this afternoon. No really, make one this afternoon, before everyone else gets home. That way you can clean up the mug before they find out.

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  1. OMG such a good and completely dangerous idea. I need to erase this from my mind!

  2. What a fun idea!! Love it!

  3. i always need a cake

    • Me too. These are perfect size, too. I don’t know if that’s a great thing for my figure, but I love it

  4. a cake a day

  5. That sounds really good! A great idea!

  6. Oh my god, this is amazing.

    • These Mug Cakes are so freaking good. And all of the recipes are just for two small mugs or one my size. :-)
      perfect for that snack attack

    • There’s a contest going up today!!!

  7. These look delicious!

  8. These look delicious!