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The VMA’s are less that 24 hours away. Ah the VMAs. Madonna rolling around on the floor, or when she did Express Yourself live, Andrew Dice Clay getting banned for life from MTV, Cher and her fanny walking around, Paula Abdul tap dancing, Garth playing drums with U2, anyone remember any of this?

Does MTV still show videos? I mean, the whole way though? I sat down and saw that TRL was on a few months ago and not one video was shown the whole way through. It was sad. I end up watching all my videos on YouTube, since I can’t seem to find them anywhere else.


I am a product of MTV. Watching Twisted Sister at a VERY young age, not quite understanding, thinking it was more funny than anything else. And don’t even get me started on wanting to be a Robert Palmer girl.


VMAs Sunday, 9PM eastern. I’m going to DVR that thing, just to see Britney Spears and her magic act.

Until then, we’ll just have to watch her practice.