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Movies and M&Ms Go Hand In Hand

Oscars table with MMs

The biggest movie award show of the year is here! The Oscars are filled with gorgeous people wearing beautiful clothes and at my house a nice layout of treats. What? I’m not the one trying to squeeze into those amazing dresses and get judged about it, so I can have a few M&Ms if I want.

To us here at Busy Bee Blogger, anything can be a great reason to entertain, and of course the Oscars lets us add a little glamour to the mix. I like to break out my DIY gold mercury glass mason jar candle holders, some flowers and some pretty napkins. What would be perfect to celebrate the Academy Awards is a spread in matte black and gold. Very elegant.

The one thing you cannot go without when celebrating the movies are M&Ms. These are always a good idea, even if you’re watching the movies (or the Oscars) all on your own, there is just something about pairing the chocolately goodness of M&Ms with movies, and movie stars. I have my favorite types of M&Ms for different movies: milk chocolate goes with drama, peanut pairs well with comedy, and crispy is perfect for SciFi.

Milk Chocolate M&Ms top this delicious and fun round brownie
For the Oscars, we are not only setting out the different M&Ms in festive glass wear, we have decided to go full on celebrating and make M&M brownies. For these delicious treats we just used a ready made box mix, used olive oil instead of vegetable oil, and then sprinkled milk chocolate M&Ms over the top right before placing it in the oven.

Round M&Ms topped brownie

We also chose to use a spring form pan to give it the nice round shape. Everybody loves these and having them with the M&Ms on top and in wedges is a little more fun. M&Ms make everything a little more fun.


How do you use M&Ms to celebrate?
Do you have a favorite type?

Tell us in the comments below!



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