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Most Unique Gift For Holidays – Name A Star With International Star Registry

A great holiday present or a way to celebrate a life event.  Buy a star to celebrate or as a fantastic Christmas gift.
This post is Sponsored by International Star Registry. All editorial content is my own

Unique Holiday Gift Giving

Are you looking for an over the top gift for Christmas? Some people are just difficult to shop for during the holidays, some had really big events happen this year. I have the PERFECT gift for both of them: Buy a STAR for them! International Star Registry is offering this great option for you and those you want to spoil with the most amazing gift.

Name A Star

This year, International Star Registry is offering something new. They are introducing a New Photographic Sky Chart in their star package when you name a star. Since 1979 International Star Registry has been naming stars for people all over the world. The star names and their coordinates are permanently recorded in the book YOUR PLACE IN THE COSMOS to be registered at the Copyright Office of the United States of America. To date 9 volumes of this book have been published containing over 2 million star names. The Photographic Sky Chart is a collaborative effort between a team of German photographers and International Star Registry. The location of the named star you chose for you loved one is digitally indicated and circled.

International Star Registry.  Name a star after your loved one, or celebrate a life event including the date with your very own star
This black framed photograph of the star makes an incredible gift. I got one for my dad and his wife, and I think it looks beautiful. There is also a beautifully presented certificate that presents all of the information about the star. It shows the star name and the coordinates all in a beautiful certificate. There is also a sky chart that shows where the star is located, including constellations nearby to help with location.

Celebrate Life Events

For this Buy A Star gift, I was also able to pick a date that was special to all of us in the family. This date is also highlighted on the certificate that shows the Star Name and the star’s coordinates. If your loved one graduated from school, had a baby, got married, or had another big life event this year then adding the date to their star name would really be a great personal touch. What better way to commemorate this event in their life than to have it on their personalized piece of the heavens! It will be forever written in the stars… literally!

So if you have someone that you just cannot figure out what to get a gift for during the holidays, or if you are celebrating something big this year, why not Name A Star for your loved ones? It will be something they will never forget.

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  1. That is a pretty neat idea. I would love to get this.

  2. Omg that really is a unique gift!!!! Pretty cool!!

  3. This is a really cool gift idea. How awesome is it to have a star registered in your name? I love that the star is circled in a printout so you can see where it is in the sky.

  4. I have always wanted to do this. It’s one of those you’ve seen it done on TV gifts.

  5. I actually have a star in my name from the International Star Registry. It was given to me by a teacher in middle school becasue I received the highest grade on a test. This is such a great gift to give to someone special!

    • Trisha, that is so cool!

  6. Cool idea for the person who has everything!

  7. I know a few people that would love this as a gift. It is such a great gift idea.

  8. This is such a great gift. My mother in-law got us all a star last year for Christmas.

  9. I have always wanted to do this. My hubby would love it!

  10. Love to be the one to receive this. Really cool gift!

  11. Naming a star after your loved one is so romantic.

  12. What a lovely and cool gift ideas :D

  13. This is such a neat gift idea. My daughter’s are convinced that the moon is theirs. Maybe I should give them stars!

  14. Naming a star is such a unique experience. I know someone who did that for a wedding proposal, and it worked! :)

  15. My daughter is a star buff. This would be a great gift for her actually.

  16. I want a star!!!!!! This is SO awesome and totally my kinda style! That’s it! I’m doing this! Thank you for the info. <3

  17. This is such a cool gift idea. Your name is LITERALLY written in the stars. I LOVE IT!

  18. I bought one of these for my husband’s birthday when we were dating. He loved it. :)

  19. I think this would make a wonderful gift! I keep this in mind for the next few months.

  20. I would love to do this for my two boys and for my four grandparents to honor them. Thanks for sharing.

  21. This is so neat! Thanks for sharing. My kiddos would love this.

  22. That’s such a neat idea! I wish someone would name a star after me! =)

  23. I got my sweetie something similar to this – naming a star or something – I can’t remember. All I got was a corny printout, and nothing as nice as this.

  24. I got a star as a gift a few years ago. It’s in the Andromeda constellation and its name is Baby Patranila!!

  25. I am going to do this and name a star after my late husband. Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic idea.

  26. This is such a great gift!!!! I want to name a star just for the hell of it. Something very strange and weird…now I’m thinking lol

  27. Great idea and I wish I can do this. I might have to try this over the holiday’s this time. Great idea!