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Morning Street Sweeper Panic


I had spent the night at a friend’s house last night and this morning was filled with panic. As I was sleeping I could hear a distant whuuurr whurr whurr from outside the window. Funny, that sounds like a street sweeper. OH NO IT’S A STREET SWEEPER!!!!! I had parked my car on the street the night before not even thinking that TODAY was street sweeping day in their neighborhood.

Off like a dart, I was told to park my car at he nearby school. Out the door, a pinup running in flip flops, I hopped in the car and drove slowly to the nearby school, desperately drying to blend in with all of the other rushed SUVs and mothers who still hadn’t gotten dressed completely (or brushed their hair).

Pay no attention to the woman parking her car in the parking lot. Pay no attention to the fact she doesn’t have a kid with her and is walking away. Nope, nothing to see here. La La La.

Oh, and the street sweeper still hadn’t swept my friend’s street by the time I left… an hour and a half later. LOL.


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  1. fond memories of street sweeper panic from when we lived in o’side….lol, oh my

    • The panic! The absolute total panic LOL. Gets the blood flowing in the morning