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More Gossip About Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston at beso

I have a love/hate relationship with Page Six. Sometimes they’re right, but it seems most of the time, they are WAY off… Like with this one about Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom. Now remember, these two were linked together a few months ago because they attended some event at the same time (as did other actors as it was for an agent).

MAYBE Jennifer Aniston won’t be single forever. Spies at newly opened restaurant Beso in Los Angeles saw the divorced Hollywood hottie holding court with swashbuckling stud Orlando Bloom. “They were sitting very close,” said our onlooker, “and she was looking at him like he was her favorite guy in the world.” Last we heard, Bloom was model Miranda Kerr’s main man, but she was “nowhere to be found” at the party.

Above is a pic from the night they’re talking about. I’m thinking that if they got a pic of Jen, someone would have taken a pic of Orlando as well. I’m just sayin’.