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More Denial

britney and j r rotem

Well we can all sleep now. There’s been more Britney Spears pregnancy denial. This time from the supposed baby-daddy J. R. Rotem.

Music producer J.R. Rotem denied a rumor that Britney Spears is having his child.

He tells PEOPLE: “There is absolutely no truth to this.”

Good grief. At least people are coming out to say something about her. That’s not bad.

I think.

AND! In more of this baby news…. Britney’s thinking about suing INTOUCH due to the article.

“She’s thinking about suing,” explains the pal. “She’s so mad. She’s worked so hard at being a working mom and resolving legal issues. To have such a messed up lie come out like this now really angers her. She is serious about wanting to sue.”

She may have a case!


suing source pic