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Mooching Man Blind Item

From Buzz Foto
This star has a husband who doesn’t bring in hardly any income and is fine living off his rich celebrity bride. He told his friends he has married the golden meal ticket and has gotten into the habit of having his buddies over at her expense. The men will sit around and play video games all day, drink, dabble in drugs and watch sports. The buddies have even been treated to several trips to the strip club from the money this actress has pulled in. The hubby apparently has no regard for his wife or her feelings and now gets angry if she tells him to send his friends home.
This star is so fed up with her mooch of a husband that she is having a lawyer look into her finances to see what her options are. Because they have a child/children she doesn’t want a divorce, but she wants to separate their finances completely and cut him off. Can you blame her?

Not Jessica Alba.

1. The celebrity wife
2. The mooching hubby

I was sooooo on the Jessica Alba until I saw that at the end! Who else has a moochie hubby?
Julia Roberts?