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Oh it’s a case of “Oh I had no idea!” This model was hired to do a commercial (above) for a jewelry company and is now upset that it looks seamy. Um, ok… She’s insinuating that she was duped into the commercial thinking it was a wholesome ad, not what it ended up being.

Style Dash says

However, when you agree to lie on a bed and fake an orgasm on film, it seems like you should expect to look, well, a little dirty. That’s what this model agreed to do for a jewelry company called Szul. However, now that the commercial is all over YouTube (as you might suspect, it’s fairly popular), she’s worried that it might tarnish the “wholesome image” she’s “worked hard to project.” …

To be fair, the model (who is married, and a graduate student in early education), was told that the commercial’s plot would be focused on a man giving her a necklace — and she spent the majority of her time filming that relatively innocuous storyline. At the end of the shoot, the director had her lie down and “fake excitement” (read: pretend to have an orgasm) over and over until he thought he had a take that looked believable.

So what do YOU think?!?

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