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Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Calls Off Wedding

It seems that the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, needs one of her own. After being with her fiance Andy Friedman, for over 6 years she’s decided he’s just not the one. So why now?

“I want a kid now and Andy doesn’t,” Patti tells Life & Style about why her and her longtime beau have decided to go their separate ways. “My dealbreaker has always been kids.”

Why did it take you 6 years to realize he didn’t want kids? 6 YEARS!!! Patti and Andy were engaged in May 2009 and were supposed to marry sometime this year, but Patti says she kept pushing back the wedding date due to Andy not wanting to have kids.

“Ever since our first date, he knew I wanted kids, and then something along the way changed,” says the candid cupid.

“Andy’s a great guy and we’ll always remain friends, but he wants me to be something that I can’t be. We’re better friends than lovers.”

The third generation matchmaker is confident that her real soulmate is just around the corner. “A good guy is out there for me, I know it,” says Patti, who still hopes to be a stepmom or adopt. “A life without kids has no meaning to me. I think the most important job in the world is being a parent or stepparent!”

I’m sorry, I stopped listening less than halfway through. I smell a big heaping pile of bull poo poo with this one. Sorry Patti. But you’re really pushing the “kid” things WAY too much. And rarely does a man SUDDENLY decide he doesn’t want children. I’m saying someone strayed, and that it will somehow become a major part of her show on Bravo, all for ratings.

Image via Bauer Griffin

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1 Comment

  1. no kidding. Especially since she says he knew from day one. Whatever Patti