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Mike Rowe made People's SEXY list!!!!

mike rowe fast company

Hell yeah bbs!!!!!!   We knew that if we all wrote in, it would finally happen, and we would prove Mike Rowe wrong.  HAHA.  Some time back, we told you what Mike had to say about himself.

I’m a sweaty guy covered with blood and poo. I doubt you’ll see me on the cover of People Magazine any time soon.

And while, regrettably, he is not on the COVER of People Magazine, he did make PEOPLE MAGAZINE’S SEXIEST MEN LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah!

Page 132, upper right hand corner.

Mike Rowe, Sexiest Hired Hand

“My philosophy on dating is a lot like my philosophy on Dirty Jobs,” says the single Rowe, 46.  “I don’t cheat.  I actually do the work and try my best.”   Adds the Discovery Channel star: “I usually also manage to have a few laughs.”

That’s sexy enough for me!!! But they got it wrong, Mike isn’t “single”. According to him, he’s been in a long term monogamous relationship for some time now.

I would have scanned the pic, but it’s so teeny, that it wouldn’t have come out right.   I will check the People website and see if I can snag it from there.

Thanks to everyone who sent in emails to the editor!   WE DID IT!!!

And just for fun… Mike on Sesame Street…. you’re welcome

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