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Michael Lohan's second blog attempt

mike lohan his site

I must say that I was rather jealous when I found out fellow bloggers received an email from Michael Lohan announcing the launch of his own blog, . He gets to cut out the middle man of going to OK! People and InTouch and straight to the internet all on his own. You can even see some pics of him and his new fiance… woooo!

That’s ok, I’ll get over it. No I won’t, I’ll just be bitter and angry and laugh my butt off about what this goof ball is blogging about.

His first blog was a rant about Gawd knows what (read as Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson and how he doesn’t like Sam), and so he took to the internet AGAIN TWICE IN 2 DAYS!!!!

And this is what he had to say…with nifty picture.

After reviewing some of the comments on this blog and even others, let me say that this website is NOT about Lindsay or Samantha. I have no intention of disclosing any information or feelings I may have about either one of them unless it is in defense of what they or one of their “mouthpieces” might say about me. If in fact, one of their “sources”, so called “friends” or “spokespersons” have something to say about me, then I guess we will just have to open up discussion on them as well.

AGAIN, this website is a forum to shed light on things in a positive and truthful way.

It is about bringing the world the truth about any situations or stories reported in the media that are worthy of discussing. It is about righting the wrongs and determining facts from fiction.

This website is an open forum to discuss questionable topics and even introduce you to worthy events (which help others) that you might like to participate in.

For example; during the Sundance Film Festival, my partners and I will be hosting a series of events which aid numerous charities and initiatives, such as human trafficking, child slavery, ministries, The Crohn’s Foundation, various cancer foundations, hunger and other worthy causes.

Whether you realize it or not, this website is about getting people involved in a positive way, while leading them to the Truth, which in essence, is God. For those of you who choose to denounce or blasphemy the Word or Spirit of God, be very careful, because he sees, knows and judges your heart. (1 Samuel 16:7).

For that matter, my heart has always been focused on loving, caring, protecting and forgiving my family and even others. God knows that! Sure, at times, my heart had reason, even reasons didn’t know. I followed my heart and acted out of emotion. I think we all do that at times. So who is anyone to cast stones at me?

So just because I or we, may discuss or shed light on various people or topics, does not mean we are attacking them. After all, the tabloids and other blogs discuss some of the same things we will. But in most cases, don’t even investigate the things they report. What we are trying to do is to get some people involved in various topics and come up with some good solutions or advice.

So, if you want The Real Story and you want to have a voice and hear the Truth, I invite you to join in.

“For those who are self seeking and who reject the Truth and follow evil, there will be wrath. There will be trouble and distress for those who do evil, but glory, honor and peace for anyone who does good.” (Romans 2:8-10).

Hmmm… I’m not sure if he’s insane, or if this is a great idea. I’m sure that there have been many a time that his quotes were printed for maximum effect. And writing yourself with no go between assures that the quotes are correct.

What do you think of daddy Lohan’s blogging? Is he any different than any of us who are online? Afterall, Lindsay Lohan airs her dirty laundry online.  Or should he just avoid the limelight?

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