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Merry Christmas- Here’s Your Fifty Shades Of Grey Gift Guide

Image Olivia de Berardinis Naughty and Nice

Naughty Gifts For The Holidays

Did you make it to Santa’s naughty list? ┬áHoping that you will just in time for Christmas? ┬áThen do I have just the gift guide for you.

Fifty Shades of Grey is still EVERYWHERE. You can’t open a magazine, turn on the TV, listen to the radio or even go to your neighborhood pool without hearing about the series. Some women rejoiced, some were aghast. In a way, the book polarized us, you either read it or you didn’t, you loved it or you hated it. There was no middle ground. While the books proved to be good fodder for celebrity doctors, TV hosts and magazine editors alike, it also benefited the sex toy industry in a big, big way. The book’s initial buzz may have died, but the sex is still going.

E.L. James helped introduce BDSM into the mainstream. She helped open eyes to new concepts, tricks, power plays and lots of toys. In fact, once the books were released, sex toy stores saw an immediate increase in sales. Ben Wa Balls skyrocketed by 400%, spreader bars were snatched off shelves and hardware stores even had to restock their rope much more often. The books helped average women feel comfortable with talking about sex toys and with asking to be dominated. So while the books are no longer the “it’ thing, their teachings still certainly can be. With Christmas just around the corner, you should make a special wish list or give the gift that keeps on giving to a special someone in your life. Let’s explore some of the key toys from the book that can make great gifts this holiday season.

Ben Wa Balls.
Who could forget them? That descriptive scene caused these little mostly unknown balls become a hot commodity. Funny enough, they’ve actually been around since the 1600s and were originally designed for men’s pleasure. They’ve since been recognized for their benefits to women and are primarily target to them. But while the book showcased them as amazing pleasure tools, they are also great for strengthening exercises. Use the balls by yourself and practice your kegels with them. Doing so can help with incontinence issues and help you tighten back up after a baby. Use them like Christian did, use them during sex or use them by yourself–whatever way you go, these balls are great for you or any woman in your life.

Leather Riding Crop.
This would look lovely under any tree. However, leather riding crops are not for the inexperienced. These are the real deal in the pain department, which could be exactly what the sub in your life wants. You can get them in with a metal rod inside or not. It can be a simple and straight crop or have leather fringe or a fan like ending. The most painful one is the simple and straight metal leather riding crop. Any of the three will definitely leave a mark and assert dominance over the receiver though. Christian always went for the leather, but if you’re looking to jump into crops and don’t want the full force of leather, you can also look for glass, fabric or plastic ones.

Spreader Bar.
Spreader bars were a new thing for a lot of women when they read this book, but they happen to be a great toy for anyone into bondage, especially if you don’t have a full Red Room of Pain available to use. A spreader bar is designed to keep someone, well, spread. You can use them between the ankles or between the wrists and are a easy fix if you don’t have any bedposts available. They are typically made from metal, but you can also find them in fabric as well. However, the fabric versions won’t force the wearer to be wide open. I don’t recommend this for grandma this year, but would be great for your partner.

Nipple Clamps.
These pinchy friends work on women and men alike and are guaranteed to make the user stand on end. You can buy the clamps chained together or separate. You can find them in metal, plastic or rubber and some even come with an attached “shock therapy” remote. Brighten up someone’s Christmas morning with these fun and sensual clamps!

This versatile gift is great for anyone who likes to heighten senses during sex or has a hard time sleeping. Christian blindfolds Ana so she doesn’t know what he’s going to do next, which is a great way to amp up anticipation and to make you more sensitive to touch. You can always give your friends beautiful sleep masks and they can figure out how to use it in other ways, you can give scarves or ties that have multi uses or just go straight for the bondage blindfolds at novelty stores like Adam and Eve.

If this isn’t enough, don’t worry, E.L. James is supposedly coming out with a sex toy line and it’s supposed to hit store shelves any day now. You can check out the full line here.

Just remember this holiday to be naughty and nice. You could surely find a recipient (even if it’s you) on your list for any of the above gifts. Happy Holidays.

“Guest Post brought to you by Adam and Eve”