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Men of a Certain Age REVIEW

TNT men of a certain age

We’ve all seen those movies, or TV shows where a woman hits a point in her life, and wonders, who am I? What am I doing? How did I turn into an adult? It’s usually lead in by her husband leaving her for a younger version, but not always. Something’s Gotta Give, First Wives Club, Sex and the City, Cougar Town, The Sweetest Thing, The Women (each version). I could go on all day.

But what about men? I know men don’t like to talk to women about getting older, or looking in the mirror and not recognizing themselves. But I find it fascinating.

TNT’s new show “MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE” lets us in on the secret life of men, and just what it’s like for THEM as they enter life’s second act. Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, and Andre Braugher star in this drama starting December 7, 10/9C.

I was able to see a sneak peek of the first episode, and I love it. I was trying to think of anything else I had seen that was close, and all I could think of was Kevin Spacey’s “American Beauty” but without the tragic ending. (Hey, Scott Bakula was in that one, too!)

Romano, Bakula and Braugher all play men past their 40s dealing with where they are. Joe (Romano) is separated from his wife, owns a party supply store, and used to play golf semi pro. Owen (Braugher) is floundering while working at his dad’s car lot, has a growing family, and health problems. Finally, we get to see Terry (Bakula) shirtless a lot. He’s a former actor, turned desk job, and yoga instructor. Not married, and quite the player.

Watching “Men Of A Certain Age” is like being allowed a peek into the boys club. With a great soundtrack.

Just don’t go asking your man if it’s true, because it is, and he doesn’t want to talk about it ;-)

YouCast provided BusyBeeBlogger with the preview of Men Of A Certain Age