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Mel Gibson and Britney?

mel gibson britney spears

Good lord, I just have to get this one out of the way this morning. Are we being “POP FICTIONED”, are they talking about how to avoid public attention, are they planning my birthday party???

OK! is reporting that little Britney Spears “snuck” out of her house to have dinner with none other than Mel Gibson!!! What?!

Could the two have been discussing an upcoming project? “It’s unlikely that they were talking about working together on anything specific,” an industry insider tells OK!. “Although Mel has used a lot of inexperienced actors in his last two films.”

OK! goes on to say that the connection is that Mel and Britney’s dad, Jamie, share the same lawyer. Mel MAY have been giving her a pep talk, or guidance on how to get her image back.

I still say they’re working on my birthday… it’s coming up!! I like cupcakes you two!!!

britney pic melpic