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Megan Fox alone in Vancouver, Canada


Does Brian Austin Green just think he’s too good for this woman?  Or is she really single, and they’re just pretending.

Paps caught Megan Fox at the Vancouver, Canada Airport, all by her lonesome.  She looks hot even when flying.  Grrr.

You know, my friend Kevin, Kevin Freedom, thinks that Megan Fox is hot.  I know, what a shock.  Only thing is, that he would so have a chance with her if he ever met her.  He’s definitely a step up from BAG.  And hotter, too.

Hey, Megan!  Get on that blackberry and give him a hollar.  Come one, support our fighting men in Iraq!

Bauer Griffin

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  1. Yes I would agree she is much sexier than I…
    But I like seeing my name on webpages that are for Megan Fox and not Megans La….errr nevermind

    I am Kevin Freedom

  2. Absolutely gotta support our troops, Megan Fox!!

    Thanks for all you are doing, Kevin!!

    Thanks for the Freedom