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Meet The Man Behind Mod Palm Springs

Mod Palm Springs interview with rory snyder

This weekend marks the start of Modweek Palm Springs! A full week in the fall that celebrates much of the Southern California dessert community’s mid century heritage. Well, it is that, but also a great big party with mid-century themes. There is no other place better than Palm Springs to indulge in the celebration of the design, architecture and nostalgia of the mid 1900s.

I was able to interview the organizer of Mod-Palm Springs, Rory Snyder, and he was able to share some insights into what this fabulous week of fun is all about.


Busy Bee Blogger – What are you MOST looking forward to this weekend?

Rory Snyder – A large group of fashionable people enjoying themselves as they are enjoying the escapism that only Palm Springs and the Mod-Palm Springs event could provide.
I see that some of the favorite spots in PS are part of the festivities, The Shag Store, Tonga Hut, are there  places that you had to turn down because you already have too many things going on?
Most of the weekend takes place at the Curve Hotel as we bought out the hotel for the weekend to have an all inclusive weekend not only for convince but also safety.
We have chose several location off grounds that are personal favorites to SHAG, Myself (Rory Snyder) we knew these locations would be able to give proper serves as well as a memorable experience for our guest. You don’t want to plan out an entire weekend of entertainment and then have a negative experience happen off grounds that taints their vacation. So we were very selective on our choices.
How long have you been coordinating the event?
This will be my 10th event. My original event is Tiki Caliente that is going into it’s 7th year this next May. As well as 2 events that took place in October prior to the original Mod-Palm Springs last year. (Goin’ Primitive, Taboo)
Have you seen any BIG changes in the festivities?
Since I starting events in 2008 I have seen a steady ramp up in the size of the event. The first couple events were at the bottom of the economic crash and because of that I learned how to give a value event,not cheep. Give people their moneys worth and they will not miss out on next years fun. After a couple of events/years these people become family to not only myself but to one another.
If you could attend only ONE of the events this weekend (ok, 2) which ones would they be?
If you want to get the full experience you want to stay on grounds at the Curve Hotel and see it all. This event was layered to give you all expects of Mid-Century-Modern style and Music. Also if you are a fan of the artist SHAG then this is a no brainer. It is like living in one of his paintings with him actually their to join in on the fun. If you think your MOD enough join us by getting your weekend room package or weekend wristband at
Wait, living in a SHAG painting?  That would be my version of heaven.  If you make it to Mod Palm Springs this week feel free to share with me on twitter or Instagram!  I would love to see what a real life SHAG painting is like.
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