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Mean Girl is RIGHT!


It seems that little miss Lindsay Lohan was pretty darn confident on her acting abilities.

She was heard

“claiming: ‘I’m the greatest actress in the world! No one’s even close to me right now!'”

Not only that, but she apparently liked to talk about the other ingenues she was up against.

Want to know how she felt about the Jessicas, and Keira? Here’s the rundown

Scarlett Johansson is “ugly, fat and has no talent.”

Jessica Simpson “can’t sing and is dumb as (bleep).”

Sienna Miller is a “no-talent crackhead.”

Keira Knightley is “a flat, shallow, cardboard cutout of an actress.”

Jessica Biel is a “phony, scheming, joke of an actress.”

FAT?!? Cardboard Cutout? Wow, I wonder movies she was watching. Or maybe I’m just not that smart.

Tisk Tisk Lindsay, don’t you know that’s not nice? But don’t worry, I’m sure she didn’t really mean it. Afterall, she only said it when she was getting wasted.

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