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Maybe it’s what’s needed


I’d hate to wish this type of self imposed humiliation on anyone, but it seems this might just be what Britney Spears needed.

It seems that when she left the stage on Sunday night, she saw what she looked like, and was not happy about it.

“She was also able to see video of herself throughout the auditorium,” a backstage source tells Us Weekly. “She flipped out. She came running off the stage, yelling ‘Oh, my God, I looked like a fat pig! I looked like a fat pig!’ She was inconsolable.”

I had something similar happen. I thought i was really thin at one point and didn’t really have a true perspective of what I looked at. Then years later I saw a photo and was mortified at how people let me walk around thinking I was all hot, when I clearly wasn’t. Don’t worry, things are much better now ;-)

Maybe Brit Brit just had a BusyBee moment, and it will help her realize how things ARE and not she wants the to be. Maybe…