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Mary Kate Olsen talks Spencer Pratt on Letterman

Mary Kate olsen david letterman late night with david letterman

So, I guess Mary Kate Olsen is taking this whole acting thing serious. She is out promoting a new film, The Wackness, and made her way to Late Night With David Letterman last night.

Somehow the conversation got turned to Spencer Pratt, from the Hills. It seems that MK and Spencer went to high school together. Who knew? After Letterman asked MK if Spencer was wormy and she agreed, she had this to say

“He does not have a good temper,” added Olsen, who was promoting her new indie The Wackness. “He walked out of a few [soccer] games. He would walk off the field. He was like, ‘Me or the coach!'”

Asked if they were friends at the time, Olsen said, “No.”

I don’t know which is more surprising. MK went to a real school, Spencer played soccer, or that she remembered who he was.


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