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Marley and Me breaks Christmas Record!!!

owen wilson jennifer aniston marley and me wedding snow

It seems that Marley was the little puppy that could.  The movie about the “world’s worst dog” has broken a Christmas Day record!! 20th Century Fox is saying that Marley and Me made $14.75 million on Christmas Day breaking the previous record of $10.2 million set my Ali in 2001.

But Owen Wilson, and Jennifer Aniston are not alone what should be some post-Christmas celebrating.  The studios are saying that Bed Time Stories (with Adam Sandler) and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button are also set to make more than $10 Million apiece!!

Valkyrie ALSO made a nice dent on the one day movie sales taking in over $8 Million.  Nice!

I was part of that group that saw Marley and Me!  How cool is that!  I’d never been to a Christmas Day movie.  And it’s the first time I saw a movie, and EVERYONE was sniffing and crying at the same time.  The bathroom was filled with women with red eyes, all fixing their makeup.  :-)   Such a good movie.


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