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Man Versus Food heads to Tucson! VIDEO

tuscon presidential table man v food

Tucson, Arizona! It’s time for a Man vs. Food challenge!

TONIGHT on MVF, Adam eats his way around Tuscon… El Guero Canelo for a Sonoran Dog. It’s a bacon-wrapped dog, browned in butter, stuffed in a homemade bun, and then topped with pinto beans, tomatoes, onions, mustard, jalapeno sauce, and mayo.

Then to Mi Nidito (My Little Nest)’s “The Presidential Plate” a 2-pound sampling, which includes a chili relleno, chicken enchilada, beef tamale, pinto bean tostada, and their famous shredded beef taco.

And if he has room… he’ll do the food challenge!

For the main event, Adam heads to Lindy’s on 4th to take on the OMG Burger Challenge. This meaty opponent is 12 beef patties, 12 slices of cheese (swiss and cheddar), stacked 12 inches high. 90% of people who try it fail. If Adam finishes the challenge, he gets his picture on the wall. If he finishes it in less than 20 minutes, the burger is free!

Can he finish it? Tune-in Wednesday, December 2nd, at 10 E/P to find out.

Anyone got some pepto?

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