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Man V Food heads to Butte, Montana! VIDEO

It’s Wednesday, so that means… MAN V FOOD on the Travel Channel tonight! Adam Richman heads to the Big Sky Country and takes in the former mining town and all it’s tasty delights.

And as his challenge? He takes on the a giant Stromboli. FIVE POUNDS OF STROMBOLI!!!

See the video and read more after the jump! Please click “Continue Reading”

Butte Episode – Wednesday September 22nd at 9:00 E/P Travel Channel
In the land of majestic mountains and graceful plains, Adam Richman is looking in the wanderlust of Butte for wonder bites. At Joe’s Pasty Shop, Adam tries Butte’s signature dish: a traditional British meat pie known as a “pasty”. This rich pastry full of meat, potatoes, and onions is as old as Butte itself and topped with Joe’s signature chili and smothered in cheese. Although the pasty is a taste of the city’s history, will Adam find this dish to be something special?

Next, Adam visits Muzz and Stan’s Freeway Tavern for the legendary Freeway Wop Chop. This sandwich is made with a whole deep fried pork chop, loaded with toppings, and is part of an old family secret that even Adam can’t figure out.

Finally, Adam gets a slice of the East in the West at Trimbo’s Pizza. Here, he will attempt the Jumboli Stromboli Challenge: a 5 pound Stromboli stuffed with fresh mozzarella, 50 slices of pepperoni, homemade marinara sauce, Italian sausage, salami, ham, and vegetables. — Holy moly that’s a lot of Stromboli! This massive meal has the equivalent amount of dough as an 18 inch pizza does, and often times people share this Stromboli amongst a family of four. With one hour to complete this challenge, will Adam be the first person to succeed at completing the Jumboli Stromboli Challenge in one of the nation’s most historic mining towns?

Image via Travel Channel