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Man Men Season 6 Finale TONIGHT!

Roger Sterling, John Slattery, Don Draper , Jon Hamm, Joan Harris, Christina Hendricks,Pete Campbell ,Vincent Kartheiser, frank ockenfels amc

It’s finally here, the Season 6 Finale of Mad Men. Now, I was even less impressed with this current season than last, and if it hadn’t been for my partner, I don’t think I would have watched at all. Let’s hope Season 7 of Mad Men is better.

I keep trying to think of anything super interesting that happened this season and I’m having a difficult time. Sure Don (played by Jon Hamm) almost died in a Los Angeles swimming pool, but that’s nothing new for him. (Remember his loss of consciousness in Palm Springs?)

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Of course there was Abe and Peggy. And Peggy stabbing Abe, then Abe breaking up with her in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Highlights – Harry Crane’s side burns and ascot Ted and Peggy’s kiss. That was something exciting. Joan having to be whisked to the hospital. Bob’s teeny swim trunks. Pete having to leave his home for his apartment. Sally catching her dad in the act of cheating with the neighbor. Roger (played by John Slattery) just Roger, he’s always good)

THe only thing I’m interested in is WHO IS BOB?!?! Where did he come from and what is really going on?

Other than that, I’m not really feeling anything. Am I forgetting something amazing?

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  1. absolutely hate this show, so not watching

  2. I am addicted to this show. I’m sad it is the season finale.

  3. I love Roger Sterling!

    • YES!

  4. Love the show, but I found this season very disappointing

    • Oh yes. But I did start to tear up with Roger meeting Kevin for Thanksgiving

  5. Just watched the season finale, was not happy with it!

    • Ditto my friend Di-tto

  6. This show is so good!

  7. Love the show, but I was disappointed tonight. Pete’s mom gets thrown over a cruise ship, who cares? Ted breaks Peggy’s heart, no surprise. Don gets thrown out of the firm, temporarily, so what! Not a stellar finale in my opinion.

    • I keep referring to Mad Men as my bad boyfriend. Constantly disappointing me but I keep coming back :-/

      • Yeah I know what you mean, I just really wished they had thrown us something good to keep us going until the next season airs.

  8. I know I’m totally weird but I’ve never seen Mad Men. I keep meaning to…

  9. I was disappointed with the end of the season. Poor Peggy!

    • OMG DD. I felt bad for Peggy but it looks like she’s the new HBIC!

  10. Is this show really as good as everyone says it is? I haven’t gotten into it.

    • Season 1 was phenomenal, after that… not so much

  11. Best show on television!

  12. Just by your description alone, the show doesn’t sound that appealing to me.